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 "The most beautiful experience we can  have is the mysterious. It is the  fundamental emotion that stands at the  cradle of true art and true science."


                                   Albert Einstein




Methods of Investigation

Audio/Video Surveillance

POV Cameras

EMF Detectors

Audio Recording

EVP Sessions​​​​​

Background Research


Are you Experiencing strange, unusual or unexplained activity in your home or business ?
Would you like someone to help identify and explain what is happening ?
We will listen to your concerns. Sometimes a simple conversation can answer your questions. All consultations will be taken seriously and are
confidental. WE CAN HELP !
4LPR offers no cost investigations into any concerns you may have. Using different forms of audio/video surveillance techniques and equipment we do investigations over the course of a night and provide our customers with any documented evidence when we present our findings. We respect your privacy and will not disclose any information without your permission.



Things to consider



 What if the home or business you're thinking of buying has a "reputation" ....that there has always been local rumors of paranormal activity or a sorid past ?  Or, you're the seller....what are your obligations as to informing the potential buyers of the same ?

 First of all, it's best to ask your realtor. Each state now have laws regarding these issues, for both the buyers and the sellers protection. Each state is different, so it's best to check. Some states have time limits, such as, for example, any deaths within 3 years, on the premises. 

 You can also do your own research. Check the property records of your local government or your local library. You may even want to check with the neighbors in the area. Good Luck!





 Pareidolia ( parr-i-doh-lee-a ) is the phenomenon of recognizing patterns,shapes and familiar objects in vague and random stimulus. It's the result of your brain trying to make sense of input that has no sense. Humans are "hard-wired", from birth, to identify the human face. Facial recognition occurs in a part of the brain known as the fusiform gyrus. Subjects shown unclear, fuzzy pictures and told they will see a face, will report seeing a face where there is none. 

 We all, (clients and investigators ) need to use some caution in viewing pictures and video, due to this very human trait. Even some EVPs ( electronic voice phenomenon ) have been described as "auditory" pareidolia.

 So, be aware that our brains may want us to see and hear things that aren't really there.



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